19 января 2010 г.

Новый танкер Atlantic Pioneer

One of the newest crude oil tankers build by Namura Shipbuilding Co Ltd, is called Atlantic Pioneer. The crude carrier was completed in Imari Shipyard on 1st October 2009 and has overall length of 333.00 meters. The VLCC has length between perpendiculars of 324.00 meters and moulded breadth of 60.00 meters. The cargo ship Atlantic Pioneer has depth of 29.00 meters and draft, when fully loaded of 20.60 meters.

Really the giant looking quite large in measurements and it is quite hard such large ship to be projected and completed. The builders promise that this ship will have higher stability that even smaller vessels, because of the new technology used for fireworks. This increases highly the strength of the hull and reduces the expenses for building this ship at all.

The proud owner of the vessel is Primo Shipping S.A., company well known is Asia and all over the world with transportation of crude oil from Saudi Arabia to China and Japan. The VLCC has deadweight of 302,303 metric tons, while the gross tonnage is 159,943 gross tons. And this large sailing vessel is in need of very strong and reliable engine on board. The builders decided to use Mitsui MAN-B&W 7S80MC-C main engine, from the generation of Mark 8. This is the latest technology of MAN-B&W engine, producing high power at low rpm with really decreased fuel consumption. The machinery engine room is automated and based on the new M0 concept .This makes the shikp machinery easier for service and high productive.

The service speed of the ship is also quite high - 15.50 knots, which cannot be seen in characteristics of many cargo vessels. The modern system for giving the fuel to the main engine increased the power of the engine and the productivity. Important for the high productivity of the main engine is also Namura flow Control Fin and the low resistant hull shape. Both are increasing the power and the service speed of the ship.

The cargo vessel Atlantic Pioneer is Malaccamax type VLCC, designed according to the measurements of Strait of Malacca, because this is quite important access point for the regular routes of this ship. The cargo vessel has 15 cargo tanks – 5 center and pair of 5 wings. Also the ship has 2 slot tanks and 6 water ballast tanks for improving the stability of the vessel. The ship is designed with double hull as requirement of IMO and its convention – SOLAS.

The oil tankers are carrying dangerous cargo for the nature and the double hull structure prevents the water from pollution. A new improved vapor emissions system for control is constructed as an eco-friendly device, which will prevent the air from pollution. The ship’s electric generating plant is consisted from a turbo generator, an emergency generator and also two main diesel generators. The stem plant is consisted of one auxiliary boiler and exhaust gas eco system. This is made in case to reduce air pollution from the daily work of the vessel. We can see that the builders and designer gave their best to create a vessel, which is high quality, economy and environmental.

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