30 января 2010 г.

EU NAVFOR Fuels Pakistan Warship in the Gulf Of Aden

Флагманский корабль EU NAVFOR ITS ETNA произвел заправку топливом и водой на ходу Pakistan Navy Frigate PNS KHAIBAR в Аденском заливе (Gulf Of Aden)

While patrolling in the Gulf Of Aden, EU NAVFOR Flagship ITS ETNA, with COMEUNAVFOR RAdm Giovanni Gumiero embarked, provided the Pakistan Navy Frigate PNS KHAIBAR with fuel and water, thus enhancing the spirit of cooperation among coalition Naval forces operating on anti piracy patrol in the gulf of Aden.

On the early morning of 20th of January, PNS KHAIBAR approached EU NAVFOR ITS ETNA on her port side, while proceeding on a steady course and speed, applying all standard procedures used in a Refuelling At Sea (RAS) Operation. After the preliminary warning whistles sounded by the boatswain, all the hoses and equipment were passed to the Pakistani Warship and the RAS was conducted successfully and smoothly.

Pakistan is contributing to the fight against piracy with a Frigate patrolling in the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the Gulf of Aden, serving under the Command of CTF 151 (US-led anti piracy coalition Task Force).

EUNAVFOR SOMALIA Operation ATALANTA main tasks are to escort merchant vessels carrying humanitarian aid of the ‘World Food Program’ (WFP), to protect vulnerable ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean and to deter and disrupt piracy.

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