6 февраля 2010 г.

Russian Navy ship Neustrashimyy сомалийские пираты не страшны

Фрегат Балтийского флота Российской Федерации "Неустрашимый" (Neustrashimyy)  совместно  с датским фрегатом ABSALON и индийским фрегатом TABAR принял участие в операции по освобождению словенского M/V ARIELLA от самалийских пиратов. В результате успешного маневрирования, российским военным морякам удалось перехватить лодку с семью пиратами спешившую на помощь первой группе уже высадившейся на борт M/V ARIELLA.

В результате совместных действий военных моряков Дании, Индии и России были освобождены от пиратов граждане Украины, Болгарии, Словакии, Индии и Филиппин.

Early on the morning of 5 Feb 2010, the M/V ARIELLA came under attack from Somali pirates who were able to get onboard and attempted to take control of the ship.

The ARIELLA was sailing in a “Group Transit” within the International Recognised Transit Corridor (IRTC) under the protection of Coalition navies. An alert went out, picked up from an Indian Warship TABAR who sent out a general message on the Mercury communication system. An EU NAVFOR French Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) was quickly on the scene and confirmed a sighting of armed pirates on the deck of the ARIELLA. The MPA made contact with Battle Watch Officers from the NATO Danish Warship ABSALON from CTF 508.

The NATO ship ensured that the crew onboard were safe before the decision was made to send in the specialist teams. At the same time as NATO ship ABSALON boarded ARIELLA, sailors from the Russian Navy ship Neustrashimyy who was operating nearby, successfully boarded and detained a second pirate skiff. The ongoing co-operation between the maritime partners, the EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) and NATO Combined Maritime Force 151 (CMF 151), together with maritime nations, such as the Russian and Indian navies led to the successful release of M/V ARIELLA.

M/V ARIELLA is an Antigua and Barbuda Flagged vessel owned by Splosna Plovba, International Shipping and Chartering Ltd, Slovenia. She has a crew of 25 and the nationalities are 1 Bulgarian, 15 Filipino, 1 Slovakian, 1 Indian and 7 Ukrainian and they are all safe. The ship was registered with MSC HOA, was in contact with UKMTO and was part of a Group Transit when she was attacked.

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