5 февраля 2010 г.

Cobra Gold 2010 (CG10). Высадка десанта South Korean Marine на пляж Hat Yao в провинции Rayong (Thailand)

HAT YAO BEACH, Thailand -- More than 800 U.S., Thai and South Korean marines stormed a beach in Thailand on Thursday with Seoul joining the annual joint war games for the first time.

The three-week Cobra Gold (CG10) exercise sends a message that the United States will have a continued presence in the Asia-Pacific region, and the military is one aspect of that presence, said Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, Commander of the U.S. Army, Pacific.

The core exercise, being held for the 29th time, will focus on peacekeeping operations and humanitarian and disaster responses.

A South Korean Marine rides on an amphibious assault vehicle before it touches the ground during a joint military exercise codenamed Cobra Gold (CG10) at Hat Yao beach in Rayong province, eastern Thailand Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010.

Besides Thailand and the United States, this year's annual exercise, in its 29th year, also participated by Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea which took part for the first time. The exercise, involving with 11,500 personnels including 6,000 from the U.S., will focus on multilateral peacekeeping operations and humanitarian and disaster responses.
- Apichart Weerawong /AP Photo

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