27 марта 2011 г.

Oxygen generator fails on US submarine New Hampshire (SSN 778)

Как сообщила The Day со ссылкой на ВМС США, на борту подводной лодки ВМС США New Hampshire (SSN 778) участвующей в программе Ice Exercise ( ICEX 2011) Северном Ледовитом океане возникла очередная проблема.
Вышел из строя генератор кислорода. 

По словам представителя американских ВМС, экипаж пользуется резервной системой регенерации воздуха. 

Использование аналогичной системы на борту британской АПЛ HMS Tireless (S88) в 2007 году в Арктике привело к пожару, взрыву и гибели двух членов экипажа подводной лодки .http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/6478127.stm

Одна из проблем АПЛ - конденсат возникающий за счет разницы температур снаружи и внутри лодки и который заливает электронное оборудование. В субботу подводная лодка поднялась на поверхность для эвакуации в Анкоридж (штат Аляска) матроса с приступом аппендицита.

The machine that produces fresh air aboard the USS New Hampshire submarine failed during a mission under the vast ice cap of the Arctic Ocean last week, prompting the submarine to use an alternate oxygen candle system instead.

Hamilton Sundstrand, a unit of United Technologies Corp, is sending a representative to a temporary ice camp to investigate the problem with the oxygen generator, said Navy Commander John McGunnigle, captain of the nuclear-powered Virginia-class submarine.

Daniel Coulom, a spokesman for Hamilton Sundstrand, confirmed late Monday that company staff would travel to the ship to help repair the oxygen generator, but said it was too early to speculate on what caused the problem.

McGunnigle said he had spoken with the company shortly after the submarine surfaced on Sunday afternoon in a small area of open water surrounded by ice sheets. The ship is in the Arctic to participate in a month of military exercises with another submarine, the USS Connecticut.

The emergency system that is now producing oxygen for the submarine’s 130-plus crew burns chemical candles in a closed metal cylinder that vents to an air-circulating system.

McGunnigle said the system was safe and crew members carefully monitored its use, but he acknowledged that it was the same kind of equipment that caused a fire and explosion on board the submarine Tireless during a similar Arctic exercise in 2007, killing two sailors.

Lieutenant Jason Revitzer, the ship’s supply officer, said the ship had well over 600 oxygen candles on board, which would allow it to continue using the alternate system until it got back to its home port in Groton, Connecticut. “Good thing we packed that many,” Revitzer said.

McGunnigle said there were several other issues with the ship during the Arctic operations, including condensation caused by the temperature difference between the frigid water outside and warmer temperatures inside. For now, the crew has rigged sheets of plastic to catch any condensation drips and route them away from sensitive electronic equipment.

The ship’s air conditioning system, which keeps the sophisticated electronic equipment on board from overheating, also failed after its ascent to the surface, but the ship’s crew was able to reset that system later.

The Groton-based submarine is testing its operations in Arctic waters as part of the 2011 Ice Exercise. The New Hampshire (SSN 778) is the first Virginia-class submarine to participate in an ICEX.


Фото navylive.dodlive.mil

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