30 октября 2010 г.

Vector. Matryoshka marine style. Portfolio of Belinka

Belinka представляет -  Vector. Matryoshka marine style. Photo

Stock Vector Illustration:
Vector. Matryoshka marine style

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Вектор арт. Матрешка. Морской стиль. Фото. 
Stock Photos, Illustrations, and Vector Art in the portfolio of Belinka 

Secrets of Russian Matryoshka (video)

The wooden doll with a surprise filling, Matryoshka is one of the few Russian words that every foreigner recognizes. However, there are still many things about it that remain a secret, even in the doll’s motherland.

The Matryoshka is a wooden doll, usually in a colorful dress. If you pull it apart, there is a smaller doll inside – which, in turn, has another one in it. The number of pieces typically ranges from 3 to 12, but there are also “supermatreshkas” boasting up to 60 dolls.

Vector art. Matryoshka doll amaze Naomi Campbel

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