8 мая 2010 г.

French frigate Latouche-Treville visits Russia for Victory Day celebrations (May 7, 2010)

A French missile frigate Latouche-Treville (D646) has arrived in the port of Severomorsk in northern Russia to take part in the celebrations dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe during World War II.

Latouche-Treville, a Georges Leygues class frigate, will also visit the nearby port of Murmansk and join the warships from Russia's Northern Fleet in a naval parade on May 9.

The agenda of the visit includes an extensive cultural program and meetings with Russian naval personnel and local residents.

Commander of Russia's Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Nikolai Maksimov, will visit the French frigate on May 8.

Russia and France have expanded their naval ties recently.

Russia is negotiating the purchase of a Mistral-class ship from France, worth 400-500 million euros (around $540-$675 million). Russia could also use French technology later to build another three such vessels in Russia in partnership with the French naval shipbuilder DCNS.

Another French frigate, the Chevalier Paul, participated in joint naval exercises with Northern Fleet's warships in April.

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