1 декабря 2009 г.

The 47th International Submariners Convention 2010

The 47th International Submariners Convention 2010 will be hosted by Dolphin - the Israeli Submariners Association and will follow the tradition of previous Conventions.
The Convention will be supported by the Israeli Navy.
Memorial Service for lost shipmates will be held in Haifa.
Participants will have the opportunity to sample the sights of Nazareth and Jerusalem during the Convention days. Additional optional tours and visits will be available.
The proximity of the sea and the mild Mediterranean climate will ensure a most enjoyable atmosphere.

Convention Secretariat:
Dan Knassim
P.O.Box 1931, Ramat Gan 52118, Israel
Telefax: +972-3-5767739
E-mail: sdinenson@paragon-conventions.com

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